Solaris Roleplay

GTA V Real Life Roleplay Community


* be at least 15 years of age

* have a working microphone

* have a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V

* own a Playstation 4 with PS+

* you will need to read the handbook carefully and find the CODE to complete your application. Handbook found here

SolarisRP is a brand new roleplaying community based around GTA 5 on the PS4. With our founders being extremely experienced in roleplay management, we strive for perfection and hope you can contribute to this extraordinary online adventure.

We have created a professional, friendly community that offers: realtime voice communication using a nicely designed discord server, our own virtual currency, player driven economy, active emergency services, a mobile app with a walkie-talkie frequency used by the DES and a variety of immersive jobs to dive into.

Solaris Roleplay can be joined by going through a quick application process. This personal application will be reviewed in max. 3 days after completion.

Problems browsing our website? Use our support chat!

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